Meter Calibration

Equipped with Meter Max Ultra test stands, GRPP is set up to test many different brands and types of meters. The Meter Max Ultra will drive the meter at the same speed and population as the grower has the planter set to. The test consists of a 1000 seed drop keeping track of skips, doubles and miss-placed seeds and applies an appropriate value to each seed dropped off target. The results are displayed on the 20/20 SeedSense screen and a printable report is generated. With this information, we can show a grower how efficiently their meters are running, what it is costing them per acre to keep running the meters in their current condition, what it would cost to tune them up, and what they can expect for ROI.

Meter testing/calibration is a relatively low cost investment that can pay very well. The meter is the heart of the planter. It is important to have them tuned up before heading to the field each spring.

We accept meters each season prior to March 31 to ensure completion before spring planting.

Best practice is to get meters calibrated every 75 acres per row or every other year…which ever comes first.

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